Timmy Brabston is a Young White Rapper that takes Risks and Blows Minds. Also, did I mention that he's white? 

Timmy B is making mixtapes with the kind of firepower that will lyrically infuse your headphones and move dance floors. 

While it's well known that Timmy B - as some have been known to call him - is a young kid, a rapper, and a white guy, he is indeed white, and will not rest until Timmy starts the inevitable race war Ethan predicted. Timmy was established in 1999, coincidentally the same year as he was born. He is originally from New Jersey but lives in Philadelphia at Drexel University. He will be graduating in 2021 as a Music Industry major. His girlfriend, Morgan Morris, is attending Ohio University. She is also more attractive than he is from an objective standpoint.

Timmy Brabston
The rapper
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