"Matt Hoss reveals and discusses the upcoming trial date in the copyright infringement lawsuit against Ethan and Hila Klein aka H3H3. A response to the defendant's manipulative whining."
―Matt Hoss on suing an innocent couple for making a video about his shitty content
Matt Hoss
Name Matt Hoss
Species Evolved cancer cell
Gender Male
Alignment Bad
Allies/Friends N/A
Enemies Ethan Klein, Hila Klein
Goals Ruin Ethan and Hila's lives for making a reaction video out of his shitty videos
Other Attributes N/A
Status Alive (unfortunately)

Matt Hosseinzadeh, also known as Bold Guy is a self-proclaimed traceur, YouTuber and antagonist in the h3h3 universe. He was one of the few to actually be a threat towards Ethan and Hila, having attempted to sue them for making a reaction video of his video Bold Guy vs Parkour Girl.

Lawsuit against Ethan and Hila

Matt Hosseinzadeh filed a civil action against Ethan and Hila in late April 2016, alleging copyright infringement for their reaction video. Hoss claimed that he had initially contacted "to politely ask them to remove my content from their video," but that they refused. Hosseinzadeh's lawyer claimed that the video used a huge portion of his work "while contributing nothing substantive to it.".

After a video on this was released by h3h3Productions the following month, fellow YouTube personality Philip DeFranco started a fundraiser on GoFundMe to help raise money for their legal fees, citing the need to protect fair use on YouTube. The fundraiser raised almost $170,000, receiving large donations from notable individuals including the Fine BrothersMarkus "Notch" PerssonPewDiePieMarkiplierJacksepticeyeJustin Roiland, and Garry Newman.

On August 23, 2017, Ethan tweeted that they had won the lawsuit, posting a video shortly after summarizing the victory. Judge Katherine B. Forrest ruled that the commentary videos constituted "fair use as a matter of law, dismissing all three of Hosseinzadeh's claims and ruling in complete favour of h3h3, putting an end to the violent and bloody conflict and spelling ruin for Matt Hosseinzadeh, whose motions were DENIED. Ethan and Hila's success would not only ensure the integrity of h3h3, but the future of YouTube as well. 

Since the lawsuit, Matt Hoss has not been seen on any social media. His Twitter remains has not been updated since August 23, 2017, the day he lost the lawsuit. His YouTube channel, MattHossZone, has not had an upload since January 6, 2017. 

List of Matt Hoss' threats against Ethan and Hila

  1. Matt made a horrendous shirt insulting Ethan and Hila named "Thiefbusters", depicting Ethan and Hila crossed out in a parody of Ghostbusters.[1]


  1. Matt is an asshole
  2. Matt is, kind of a cunt