"'Sup guys, I'm Joey Salads."
―Joey's intro
Joey Salads
Name Joey Salads
Species Human and/or Salad
Gender Male
Alignment Good, formerly Bad
Allies/Friends Ethan Klein, Hila Klein, TwinzTV
Enemies Matt Hoss
Goals N/A
Other Attributes Age - 23
Status Alive

Joey Salads is a prankster/social experimenter that was a repeated target for Ethan and Hila to goof on, but evolved as a very moral and rational person and is a good friend of Ethan and Hila.


Catching a Child Predator with Joey Salads

Joey's first appearance on the h3h3 channel, he and TwinzTV made a social experiment (that was most likely fake), where they setup a child predator to meet an underage girl from Instagram. The child predator lunges at the girl (and leaves the door wide-open), and Joey and TwinzTV rush at him. Ethan then finds the sequel to that video (where they use the exact same hotel room and girl), and they give it a "funny twist". When TwinzTV pretends to be the LAPD (Los Angeles Pedophile Department). the predator lunges at the girl (instead of trying to run out the door), and Joey and TwinzTV attack by throwing flour and maple syrup at him.

Social Experiments with Joey Salads

Transgender in Women's Bathroom (TransSalad Experiment)

Joey Salads (GONE URINE)

Pokémon GO Will Kill Your Children

Salad Lives Matter Ft. Joey Salads

How Pranksters Are Ruining Society...

Interview with Joey Salads


  • When the news of Matt Hoss suing Ethan and Hila surfaced, Joey actually made a video roasting Matt Hoss, saying how Ethan and Hila are his friends and how he'll defend them (even before the Salad Lives Matter incident).