Ram Karavadra October 6, 1988 [age 29 known as GradeAUnderA(sometimes shortened to GradeA or Grade), is a British YouTuber and comedian. He is known for his comedic style of commentary and how he gives his opinion on various subjects. He has over 3,000,000 subscribers as of September 2016.

Grade is one of the biggest hypocrites on Youtube. He says Youtubers should take criticism yet when he received some, he told his former fan to fuck off. Soon after that he called his underage moderator a whore. He never apologized for this. Another example of hypocrisy is the fact he hates reaction channels yet he is friends with Leafy is here. He likes to point out the errors of Youtube with #MAKEYOUTUBEGREATAGAIN. But since he is friends with Leafy it's hard to support him. On Jun 19, 2016 he made a video falsely accusing Keemstar of being a pedophile, later it came out for HeyWatchYourMouth that this was a business decision. Later Leafy made a shit apology video and Grade just made a video whining about him getting hate. He changed his reasons for betraying Keemstar from, Keemstar releasing private pictures of Pyro's face to Keemstar saying racist things about minorities, ( Over a video game ) despite the fact that he himself defended Keemstar for the racist comments and fully acknowledging what context they were said in in the past.