Ethan's Theorem

Goofs and gaffs are important elements of the h3h3 universe. The ones who produce said goofs and gaffs are known as goofsters and gaffsters.

In the episode ALWAYS Tip the Pizza GUY *ALWAYS*, Ethan describes the set of laws below:
$ goof + gaff = laugh $
$ laugh + goof = spoof $
"If you actually break that down, take the time to look at that and examine the facts, there is so much in there... I mean look, I can't break down Einstein's you know... Theory of Relativity. It's too much for this video"
―Ethan describes his Theorem in the episode Uncle Ethan & Auntie Hila (GONE MAYONNAISE)
Ethan goes on to describe the all important equation, called Ethan's Theorem:
$ R_{i} = R_{o}(G^{2}) $
where G is the goof parameter, Ro is the romp constant and Ri denotes the riot product of the romp constant and goof squared.


  • A goof plus a gaff is a laugh, and a laugh plus a goof is a spoof.
  • According to Jackson Pollock, art is just a little bit of a goof.