Dennis Cee
Name Dennis Cee
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Bad
Allies/Friends The Bradberry brothers, Coby Persin
Enemies Ethan Klein, Hila Klein
Goals To make as much money as possible with crappy pranks, social experiments, and Spider-Man and Elsa videos
Other Attributes N/A
Status Alive

Dennis Cee, also known as DennisCeeTV and Gollum, is a prankster/social experimenter that works with the Bradberry brothers. He's also one of the pranksters involved in the Spider-Man & Elsa kids videos conspiracy, as revealed in Toy Channels are Ruining Society.


Pranks in the Hood

In the Bradberry brothers and Dennis's first appearance in the channel, Ethan goofs on their "Pranks in the Hood" videos where they harass black people into attacking them.

How to Traumatize Your Children PRANK

Toy Channels are Ruining Society